SIZES:  1 Litre, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons, 55 Gallon (drum)

McGowan bee farm has four apiaries (approx. 250 hives) located in the sun-drenched countryside of Jamaica - in flourishing low grounds and the cool blossoming hillside of St Thomas. The natural lush beauty and warm climate are the key ingredients in our superior pure raw Jamaican honey. Our finest quality, 100% Jamaican honey is harvested at the peak of maturity; and in order to guarantee our quality, we ensure our farmers share our beliefs and passion as well. Therefore, our honey is selected only from those hives which are strong and flourishing ensuring that our bees remain healthy and every drop of honey harvested is of the highest standard. Every batch is tested for purity and moisture content and never blended or diluted in any way. All natural, no artificial flavours or additives: our natural honey products are never treated or processed in any way that would affect or disrupt the balance of their natural nutrients.