SMALL PACKS:  6 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz

BARRELL:  32 kg, 66 kg, 152 kg

OPTIONS: Roasted, Unroasted

Grown on a limited number of estates in the Blue Mountain range of eastern Jamaica (between 2000ft-5000ft above sea level on steep mountain slopes), The combination of atmospheric and geographic conditions produce a coffee bean which is indisputably the finest in the world. The smooth taste of the Blue Mountain bean is not only unique, but revered by all coffee connoisseurs.

All of our coffee is of the Arabica/Typica variety (produces the largest beans), is planted at our own nurseries and grown for approximately seven months and then taken to the field. Taking almost two and a half years before the tree will deliver its first bearing. The best bearing will take place between 6 – 7 years when the tree is fully mature. Only the finest quality coffee berries are harvested (by hand), with each cherry berry picked individually from trees that have a “good bearing” history. A harvester visits a coffee tree up to 7 times during the reaping season, and only cherry ripe berries are picked. The berries are now ready to be pulped at our facility in the Blue Mountains, with spring water.

The beans are sun-dried on huge barbeques (slabs of cement), and only mechanical dry if there is significant rainfall. When completely dried, the beans are left to age for a minimum of 8 weeks to aid in the development of the green bean’s maturity and taste. The dried beans are now hulled and sorted into the varying grade.

The final stage is the roasting, masterfully done at our facility. All coffees' taste and aroma are extensively “cup-tested”, once quality control tests are successfully completed, our coffee is vacuum packed for export worldwide.

All our coffee must also meet our standards, and these are tougher than the CIB's... we have to answer to you, our customers. Enjoy the world greatest mon!