A S McGowan and Company Limited {ASMCL} was founded and registered with the Company Office of Jamaica on April 2014. The company’s policy is primarily focused on acquiring and disseminating the sales of medical and pharmaceutical supplies, stationery, office supplies and cleaning products etc. Our aim is to take advantage of the great demand for these products while establishing a new format of distribution in a cost effective and efficient manner which will result in our customers being satisfied. We strongly believe that over time, we will be rated as the chief distributor and supplier in this business. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services using state of the art technological systems, competent staff and the application of international best practices. Also, it is important to note that we have a keen interest in playing our part in nation building via our employment program. We make a conscious effort to employ persons from the community in which we operate in an effort to assist in the reduction of unemployment in these communities. This company is also very keen on the adherence of various government policies and regulations in the execution of our operation/duties. It is intended that as the business progresses we will be able to expand to parishes to extend our capabilities and to ensure growth and success.

Our Mission

AS McGowan and Company limited is a professional distribution organization committed to:

  • Distributing branded retail merchandise to our loyal customers in the independent markets.
  • Servicing our customers and vendor needs while exceeding their expectations.
  • Differentiating ourselves by providing the best customers service to quality customers.
  • Creating an environment which motivates employees to achieve maximum sales potential.
  • Value long term relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • Maintaining a vision towards the future by position ourselves to take the lead with industry changes,
  • while maintaining our commitment to setting the standard in the industry.
  • The pursuit and achievement our customer’s satisfaction,
  • high job satisfaction for our associates and long term sustainable growth for our vendors.

Together we all win!

Vision Statement

To become a global corporate leader through innovation and entrepreneurship. Driven by a passion for excellence and compassion for our fellow man. We will make AS McGowan and Company Limited a world wide name, synonymous with integrity, value and service.